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We believe that the undiscovered country in maritime cost management is hidden between engineering hardware solutions and traditional cost-cutting approaches - it's name is operations research.
load-line forges key competences in engineering, logistics, modelling and numerical mathematics into cost models for maritime transports.
As a first approach, think of a transport - bulk or container - between two ports. The two antagonistic cost drivers when optimizing are
  • time proportional cost (capex, opex, reefer energy cost, ...) and
  • bunker cost (voyage cost)
as outlined below:
Figure: cost over voyage duration; Tmin corresponds to a voyage duration at MCR (max. speed), Topt being the voyage speed with the lowest overall cost.
Obviously, an optimal cost solution for this simplified example exists. Cost optima exist also for real bulk-trades or container liner slings - with all their individual complexities and constraints.
Our mission at load-line is to deliver these solutions to the maritime industry. We believe that - regardless of economic ups and downs - cost management effectiveness will be a long-term key-success factor for the maritime industry.
And that transport process optimization will be part of it.
There are many applications to Eco-Hauls - our tool for bulk transport and Eco-Trips - our tool for container liner services - ranging from new building design optimization to contract negotiation, from capacity management and feasibility studies to novel hub- and spoke-concepts.

date: 2011-11-16
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