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Other Industries

Operations Research is a proven technology and the engine that works behind many applications related to
  • SCM: supply chain management,
  • SOA: service-oriented architecture and
  • BPM: business performance management.
However, we at load-line believe that within the scope of maritime transport, no commercial application like Eco-Trips - and its little companion Eco-Hauls - exists.
For other transport modes - air, rail, road, pipeline - commercial solutions do exist.
One such random example is
A remarkable sucess-story comes from Federal Express that employed and developed operations research applications in parallel with its economic growth (see excerpt ⇒).
For a copy of the related article click on
Should we conclude that maritime transport is more difficult to handle than other transport modes?
Probably, the contrary is true: the number of terminals, the number of assets employed is significantly lower than for other industries while the potential savings per asset are much higher. Maybe the answer is that maritime transport has not received the academic interest that other modes did.

date: 2011-12-21
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