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Welcome to Eco-Trips

The design of a liner service usually starts with very pragmatic elements: terminal slots, vessels, strategic alliances - and evolves towards a commercially viable service imposing cost-efficiency criteria.

operations design: between cost and pragmatism
Figure: global operations solutions between cost efficiency and pragmatism.

We suggest the opposite: start with a cost-optimal design and compromize towards a commercially feasible service by imposing operational constraints.

What's the big idea?

The heart of Eco-Trips is a mathematical cost model for liner operations providing

  • optimal rotations: as the result of a computational cost-minimization that accounts for bunker fuel, terminal handling charges, canal cost, etc.
  • cost efficiency: by a detailed rotation introspective of cost patterns and a sensitivity analysis of design variables.
  • decision support: by revealing the cost of present constraints (terminal slots, vessel performance, transshipments, ...)
  • competitiveness: by assessing numerous different solutions under criteria as key-account satisfaction, reefer transport performance, capacity constraints, etc.
  • expertise: by gradually expanding your knowledge of the impact of contractual constraints, vessel performance, terminal productivity and cost drivers with each simulation and optimization run.

Some more details:

Eco-Trips provides support for strategic and operational decisions of container liner operators. It delivers a cost model for a sling that includes the operator's capex, opex, voyage cost, terminal handling charges, terminal productivity, canals and route sections.
It derives cost-optimal service speeds, transshipment strategies and cargo deliveries - eliminating guesswork where evidence is available.

Eco-Trips supports related stakeholders as tonnage providers in delivering the ship performance to optimally serve a certain class of trades. It supports terminals to understand, how their handling charges make them an attractive choice as a hub in a given liner network.

To our knowledge, Eco-Trips is a one of a kind application: a product with a similar scope does not exist for maritime transports.

As a simulation and optimization tool, it allows you to "play" with scenarios for market conditions, ship performance, cargo-volumes and external cost. It aims to enable line managers to better handle the extreme complexity of their task, reduce the totaled cost for slings and deliver better services to your customers.

Eco-Trips is an application package which is available on a commercial basis. For details, please call us at

  • +49 (0)176 57 57 48 98

or arrange for an appointment.

date: 2011-11-15
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