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legal notice - privacy statement

	  We respect your privacy. 

	  The information submitted via our contact forms as e.g. 
	  your name, e-mail, or postal address, will only be used
	  for the purpose of providing you with information on our
	  products and services. And we undertake to protect these
	  data from unauthorized use.

	  When you visit our web-pages which require no login to view 
	  information they contain, you do so anonymously. If you do nothing
	  during your visit but browse through these pages - for example 
	  when you read pages, view images - we will gather and store 
	  basic information about your visit automatically.
	  This information does not identify you personally.
	  When you visit our web-pages which require a login (Eco-Hauls)
	  we will automatically store your logon and logoff times.
	  The data you save to process your jobs will - of course - be
	  saved as well.

	  Information that we gather automatically is used for only one purpose:
	  making our pages more attractive.

	  If you wish to register for Eco-Hauls or make an appointment for
	  a consultation on Eco-Trips, the requested data will be collected by
	  an automated process.

	  These pages and application takes basic precaution to protect
	  your information. However, no SSL encryption can be used. If
	  you feel this is not secure enough for the data you wish to enter,
	  then please let us know.

	  date: 2011-11-11
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