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Container Liner Shipping

The current pressure on container-liners from a lurking recession, low freight rates and high energy prices challenges the cost management of all operators. Depending on liner trade, ship size, age and their charter rates / capital cost, the best control options are plentiful - yet controversial.
With Eco-Trips, we provide a computer application that maps key cost mechanisms into models and allows you to feed them into an optimizer. These mechanisms are common knowledge - as relationships between fuel consumption and speed, turnaround duration and unit numbers moved, reefer numbers and auxiliary power consumption - and revolve around the two key cost categories
  • time and
  • money
Example: a transshipments reduces the total fuel cost from origin to destination (depending on ships sizes, draughts, distance saved, etc. - but you knew that) yet costs additional terminal handling charges and additional time in port.
Eco-Trips allows you to "play" with different scenarios, ships, cargo volumes, fuel prices, etc. It helps you to better understand what makes a cost-efficient production process.
The complexity in this decision-making-scenario is significant and hard to manage.
Figure: selected design variables for a line management.
Eco-Trips quantifies key cost mechanisms and derives optimal solutions - for line managers, for newbuilding decisions, for capacity feasibility studies and for scenario work.

date: 2011-11-16
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