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Dry or Liquid Bulk

Surplus ship supply, rising energy prices and the threat of a further recession present significant challenges for tanker and bulker companies.
As this pressure builds up, efficient and sustainable cost management is destined to be a vital requisite to weather the storm.
Eco-Hauls is our contribution to help owners and managers to systematically analyze their options for retrofits, tailor-made newbuildings or operational settings. It provides a job-environment to define ships, voyages, cargo and fuel price scenarios including associated cost.
It delivers the cost-optimum speed for load-haul and back-haul.
Since the length of the ballast voyage is an unknown quantity at the outset in a tramp operation, will assume that the load-haul and back-haul voyages are equidistant. Speed dependant fuel consumption, capital / charter rates, vessel operating costs, cargo capital cost for the voyage, bunker cost and voyage details - are either known or can be estimated with a reasonable degree of accuracy.
Upon declaration of your transport mission in Eco-Hauls, the optimizer will compute the optimal values for load-haul and back-haul speed.
Eco-Hauls is free. You'll need to register with an e-mail address to have a job environment assigned to you. Consider it as a useful "plug&play" application for operation, conversions and newbuildings - the latter also related to EEDI and SEEMP. Try Eco-Hauls yourself!

date: 2011-11-24
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